17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:09

Mass transfer of military equipment in Belarus (Video)


Witnesses report about trains carrying armoured vehicles and artillery in Brest, Homel and Minsk.

A reader sent a video to charter97.org that he took yesterday near the village of Kalodzishchy near Minsk. The footage shows tens of tanks and armoured personnel carriers standing on flatcars or near the track. The vehicles were accompanied by soldiers.

A member of the community “It's Homel, baby”, Viachaslau Kamisaranka, made a photo of a Giatsint-S self-propelled gun in the railroad yard in Homel. According to him, a train under the guard carrying the guns can be seen on the track.

Witnesses took a video of a train with military equipment in Brest. It carried tens of Akatsiya self-propelled artillery. There's no information about the destination of th train. The video was taken on August 19 and posted on YouTube yesterday.

For the few last months, witnesses have been reporting about transfers of Belaruian military equipment near the border with Ukraine.