20 January 2018, Saturday, 23:57

Mahilyou dwellers made a video in support of education in Belarusian


Mahilyou dwellers have created a video clip with an appeal to parents to think over in what language their child is going to communicate, and about the language of instruction.

They explained their initiative by the fact that in case Belarusian is the language of instruction, a child will develop more successfully and not only foreign languages, but entire instruction material would be learnt by them efficiently.

A mother of Yalinka Salauyova, one of the pupils from the class with the Belarusian language of instruction, Nadzeja Salauyova, told to journalists of charter97.org why a video address had been created to attract new pupils.

“The aim of this video clip is to find pupils for the 5th form with Belarusian language of instruction. For 4 years it was underfilled. Now it is a secondary school, and the tendency is for many parents from other districts to transfer their children to other schools. As long as our school #1 has a very good reputation in our city, and a high level of training, some parents may have a desire to transfer their children to our class, in order to make emphasis on development of certain abilities of their children. We wanted to show that there is an opportunity to offer individual approach in this class, as there are less than 30 pupils there. Every teacher who is to come to this class, will work with every child individually,” she says.

Yalinka’s mother told that they are going to paste posters with invitations, while in previous years parents handed out informational booklets in school markets and in the amusement park. But this method does not work now, as children have become older.

“Our target group is no longer small children, they are children of secondary school age. Now we want to find as many children as possible, but even one new pupil found will be a great success for Mahilyou,” Nadzeja Salauyova said.

Those who want to enter the class with the Belarusian language of instruction, can apply to the secondary school # 1 in Pershamajskaya Street, 24.