20 January 2018, Saturday, 7:50

US calls on world countries to join sanctions against Russia


Consultations with China, Singapore and South Korea are under way.

The statement was made by Ambassador Daniel Fried, the US State Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, ITAR-TASS reports.

“We’ve been talking also to South Korea, Singapore, we had consultations with China and we will continue our consultations,” Fried said.

Asked what other countries, besides the US and its closest allies, were ready to support the sanctions, the American diplomat called Norway and Switzerland.

He found it difficult to say the exact cost of sanctions for Russia.

“These things are hard to quantify but our view is that the direct impact will be significant and indirect impact will be even more so,” the diplomat said.

Fried says it is unfortunate that countries had to use sanctions. He expressed the hope that the US and Russia “will get back to more constructive relations”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier further sanctions should be imposed on Russia to show “how serious we are”.