17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:14

Jakauleuski: Negotiations in Minsk are inadequate without US participation


The absence of a representative of the United States of America will have a negative effect on the meeting in Minsk on 26 August.

“When Lukashenka first spoke on the Minsk meeting, the United States were mentioned as one of the participants. But later it came out that no US representative is expected in Minsk, there will not be any, - Raman Jakauleuski said in an interview to Radio Svaboda. – At the same time everyone recognizes the great influence of the USA on Ukraine’s incumbent leadership. That is why the absence of a US representative gets me even more pessimistic about the outcomes of the Minsk meeting”.

The political observer also claimed that he did not get encouraged about the statement of the deputy head of Ukraine president’s administration, saying that Kyiv would not allow for the conflict in the country to turn into a prolonged slow-burning one.

“In my opinion, in the Ukraine situation most issues will be being resolved tomorrow, if Merkel visits Kyiv. This is an eloquent visit to support Poroshenko. As to the Belarusian contact ground, it is a good opportunity for Putin to play for time”, - Raman Jakauleuski added.