20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:20

Poland opens joint companies in Belarus to process products for Russia


Polish products will be delivered to Russia as Belarusian ones.

The statement was made by Marek Sawicki, the Polish minister of agriculture and rural development, in Kontury programme on ONT TV channel, BelTA news agency reports.

About 1 million tonnes of products have accumulated in Poland due to Moscow's embargo on food supplies from the countries that imposed sanctions against Russia. “We are now actively looking for new markets. These are the United States and Canada. Of course, we are interested in a closer cooperation with Belarus as our neighbour. But the Belarusian side set particular conditions. They want us to come to Belarus with our investments and technologies. The same talks we had with Kazakhstan,” the Polish minister said.

Marek Sawicki emphasised: “If we organise processing, Belarus will give green light to the Polish stock to its market and Russia will buy products made in Belarus. We will discuss joint companies at all levels and will hold meetings regarding investments.”

According to him, Polish began to discuss with businessmen the conditions on which they are ready to invest in the construction of the necessary infrastructure in Belarus. “I hope particular decisions and agreements will appear in the near future,” the minsiter said.

EU food producers are looking for new channels to supply products to Russia bypassing the sanctions imposed by Vladimir Putin. This conclusion can be made from the statement by Sergei Dankvert, the head of the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor). He said on August 18 that lots of apples, peaches, plums, tomatoes allegedly from unsanctioned Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Zimbabwe were delivered via Belarus, but it was revealed that the products come from Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Lithuania. Russia's deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich said the members of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) can supply products from the EU and the US to Russia, but only if they were deeply processed.

Photo: krmagazine.ru