21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:59

Mikalaj Statkievich learns English in prison

The political prisoner sent a postcard home, in which he tells about the recent events.

Mikalaj Statkievich recently had his birthday in prison, on which his adherents brought a support event to the prison walls – they launched fireworks. This was the center of attention of Statkievich’s latest letter, the political prisoner’s wife Maryna Adamovich said, Radio Svaboda reports.

“There is nothing in particular. I received a card from him, which he had sent after the birthday. He tells how the prison congratulated him, about the fireworks, about from whom of the acquaintances he received congratulations. He listed all of them for me to send thanks. He also tells that he had newspapers returned, which had been previously confiscated. About himself he said he was learning English and reading a lot. He said that it became much better, since the heat had passed”, - the politician’s wife says.

To the question, whether provocations continued against Statkievich in prison, Maryna Adamovich said: “No, he writes that it is all okay now, they have second thoughts”.

Several days ago Maryna Adamovich visited Mikalaj Statkievich’s father, who lives in Baranavichy. Viktar Statkievich is 88 years old, he lives alone, but refuses to come live with relatives and manages to serve himself well. Viktar Statkievich and his son are very similar in terms of the mood and political views, the political prisoner’s wife says.

“He very actively follows the event around the world. If something passed his attention, Mikalaj’s friends would tell him everything. That is why he is always on top of everything. And, of course, he always worries about Mikalaj, worries about son’s fate”, - Maryna Adamovich added.

Mikalaj Statkievich is the only of the former candidates for president, who is still in prison. Statkievich was sentenced to 6 years in prison for alleged organization of mass disturbances after the elections of 19 December 2010, the results of which were recognized as rigged by the opposition. Mikalaj Statkievich is kept in Mahilou prison. The politician refused to sign a plea for pardon, addressed to Aliaksandr Lukashenka.