20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:57

Photo fact: Posters in Brest to celebrate 500th anniversary of Vorsha battle victory

Large bright posters celebrating the anniversary of the Vorsha battle anniversary appeared in the streets of Brest.

For what charter97.org learnt, they were disseminated by the activists of the “Free City” initiative. A knight under a white-red-white flag is pictured in the posters.

The battle in Krapivenskaje field took place on 8 September 1514 during yet another war on the Moscow principality, when Moscow troops attempted at seizing the territory of Belarus and Lithuania. One of the main heroes of the Vorsha battle was hetman Kanstancin Astrozhski. He was at the head of the 30-thousand strong Belarusian army, which completely crushed the 80-thousand strong Muscovite army.

People started celebrating 8 September as the Day of Belarusian Military Glory only in late 80-ies. In 1992 on the anniversary of the great battle, in the Independence Square in Minsk Belarusian officers solemnly took an oath of loyalty to their homeland and people. On 8 August 1992 12 officers and 3000 reserve soldiers took the oath in Minsk. Then the participants of this oath taking ceremony faced pressure on the part of the authorities, but in a very short time all the army divisions took an oath of loyalty to Belarus.