21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:01

5,000 Belarusians at Lyapis's concert in Vilnius (Video)

Belarusian fans said good-bye to their favourite band.

Lyapis Trubetskoy played a concert in Vilnius on August 23. The gig was organised at Art Factory Loftas, which surprised the band's fans, and attracted more than 5,000 Salidarnasts writes.

“Forty bucks to enter this warehouse,” Belarusians fans grumbled.

The choice of the venue was unusual: backyards of a former factory premises with rusty stairs and steel structures. The holes on the “dance floor”, which were full with water after the rain, were covered with wooden pallets.

Having bought beer and merchandise and got used to the interior, Lyapis's fans began to sing songs waiting for their band to appear on the stage. The musicians began to concert almost without a delay. The first chords showed the fans their 40 dollars was not spent in vain. Lyapis made a perfect show with excellent sound and endless drive in the former factory backyards.

Thousands of people were moshing in the yard squeezed between the factory premises. The most desperate fans tried to get to the stage and some even managed to do it. Those standing far from the stage could see everything on a huge screen.

Lyapis Trubetskoy played for 2.5 hours with only a 5-minute break. The musicians didn't spare strong expressions, which, however, sounded natural at the concert.

Siarhei Mikhalok chanted poems about gods, people and labour between songs and smiled seemingly sadly, but played the good-bye concert so well that even the most sentimental fans did not cry. However, they didn't fully believe their idol. How is it possible that Lyapis Trubetskoy will stop being?

Fans will get an answer to this question in the near future. What they can do now is savour the aftertaste of the Vilnius concert and attend Lyapis's good-bye gigs in Kyiv and St Petersburg on August 26 and August 28.