19 January 2018, Friday, 8:46

“Deputy” Kastahorau bought flat in Moscow priced at $1 mln


Besides, he had built a cottage in Mahilyou $350,000 worth and bought 2 expensive cars.

The member of the Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance of the “council of republic”, stripped of immunity, Vitaly Kastahorau (Vitaly Kostogorov), is suspected of tax evasion, and pretrial detention has been used for him, “Interfax-Zapad” agency was told by a source in law-enforcing agencies, close to investigation.

“A businessman from Mahilyou, “senator” Kastahorau is suspected of tax evasion, which has caused losses to the state in an especially large amount,” the interlocutor of the agency noted.

As said by him, “Kastahorau is suspected of selling the products of the enterprise by cash without entering that in financial and tax documents, while he was a director of Politex joint stock company.” “The volume of the products sold was concealed by him due to overstating of shipping addressed to the firms which had been created by him in Russia for this end, and controlled by Politex closed joint stock company,” the source in law-enforcement agencies added.

Thus, “Kastahorau is suspected of using a many-tentacled scheme of tax evasion. As a result, according to preliminary estimates, the sum of the damage caused to the state was about Br 1.5 bn,” the source of the agency said.

“Carrying out these illegal activities allowed the suspect to buy a flat in Moscow priced at $1 mln, to build a cottage in Mahilyou $350 thousand worth, and buy two luxury cars. At the same time he paid for education and accommodation of his son in Barcelona, Spain,” the source close to investigators told to the agency. According to estimations of experts, one year of education in Barcelona university is totaling to about €6,500,” he specified.

“In the course of investigation Kastahorau was offered to compensate for damages,” he continued.

However the source of the agency refused to give other details of this case, referring to secrecy of investigation. He didn’t tell which agency is carrying out investigation, but said that a pretrial detention was used for Kastahorau.

The source reminded that it was not the only fact over the recent months, when “Belarusian “senators” are stripped of immunity and detained by law-enforcing agencies.”

In the middle of August this year “a senator”, director general of Vitsebsk poultry factory Hanna Sharejka was detained.