22 January 2018, Monday, 7:43

Vital Rymasheuski: Poroshenko tries to prevent invasion from Belarus


The talks in Minsk will not bring any results.

Vital Rymasheuski, the coordinator of the organising committee to create the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, said it in an interview with charter97.org commenting on the meeting in Minsk between Petro Proshenko and Vladimir Putin with the participation of the EU's representatives.

– Ukraine undoubtedly needs the talks. There's a real war in the east. Hundreds of patriots and civilians are dying. There's no serious aid from western democracies, including the countries that guaranteed Ukraine's independence.

As for the venue of the talks, I think it wasn't a good choice. In fact, it is legitimisation of the Belarusian regime that doesn't change and remains worse than Yanukovych's regime. It [the legitimisation] began during the ice hockey world championship and continues now at a higher political level. These actions by European officials freeze the situation in Belarus and in the whole region. More over, many European politicians, as far as I know, take the situation adequately, but regard Belarus as a part of Russia. We saw this stance earlier, before 2010, but it has now become clear. They understand the talks in Minsk are a meeting in Putin's vassal's territory.

– Police repeatedly detained people in Belarus for Ukrainian symbols and pickets of solidarity with Ukraine. Military equipment is accumulated on the country's southern border. Do Ukrainian politicians understand that Belarus is not a neutral state? If so, why did they agree to have these talks?

– Poroshenko needs to use all means possible to stop Russia's aggression. I think Kyiv understands the real character of Lukashenka and his regime. Poroshenko's aim is prevent the invasion of Russian troops from Belarus. He is doing it well.

– How do you think the meeting in Minsk will end?

– I think these talks will not bring any results. The Ukrainian side counts to reduce Russia's expansion. But Putin cannot be stopped by talks. He can be stopped only by force. It's clear that Poroshenko uses any opportunity to solve the conflict, but I am sceptical about reaching this agreement. Russia's expansion is growing. European sanctions are not enough to stop it.