22 January 2018, Monday, 3:01

Self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk looks for job in Belarus


Vladimir Pavlenko says he had become a “mayor” of Sloviansk by chance.

It happened after Vyacheslav Ponomaryov was ousted from this position by rebels. He views himself and other officials who cooperated with terrorists of the DNR in the town of Donetsk region occupied by them, as hostages of the situation, Belsat informs.

Pro-Russian terrorists treated the last self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk Vladimir Pavlenko in the same way as Hitler officers treated collaborationists during the Second World War: they left the town secretly at night, and he had not even been warned by them. He had to flee from Sloviansk by secret routs, before the National guard of Ukraine entered the town.

Now purging is carried out in Sloviansk. Several persons who are suspected of cooperation with terrorists, have been arrested and they are interrogated. Pavlenko understands that Ukrainian authorities will demand his extradition. He stays in Minsk since August 22. He hopes that “neutral” Belarus would not extradite him. Now he is registered as a usual citizen of Ukraine, and he wants to find employment.