18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:22

Militants and Russians launch attack on southern Donetsk region


Separatists began an attack after the talks in Minsk had ended.

A column of up to 100 military vehicles is moving from Starobesheve to Telmanove in the south of the Donetsk region, the press service of the anti-terrorist operation writes on Facebook.

Telmanove is only 60 kilometres from Mariupol, the town which Russian paratroopers tried to reach yesterday.

“We have information about the movement of a column of up to 100 military vehicles (tanks, APCs, Grad rocket launchers, IFVs) on the road from Starobesheve to Telmanove in the direction to Telmanove. The vehicles have a white circle or a triangle as identification marks,” the press centre says.

According to it, a command centre of the battalion task group of the Russian Armed Forces was set up near Pobeda.

“Five APCs and one KamAZ truck carrying personnel entered the town of Amvrosiivka. We have information that a column of 6 Grad multiple rocket launchers, 8 tented KamAZ trucks, 2 Ural trucks carrying personnel moves in the direction of Dmytrivka from Russia through Dibrovka,” the press centre says.

Photo: uapress.info