17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:10

Stanislav Belkovsky: Putin will try to bribe dead servicemen’s relatives


In order to avoid a scandal, Putin will bribe relatives of the Russian servicemen killed in battle in Ukraine.

Such a statement was made in an interview to gordonua.com by a Russian columnist and political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky<.b>.

“Putin would like to avoid a large number of coffins returning to Russia, certainly. There is nothing else left for him but to compensate losses in manpower by money. He always does so, when he cannot provide disbursements officially. In order to avoid a big scandal, in fact he is going to bribe relatives of the dead Russian military,<.i>” he said.

Answering the question what Russia would do with the prisoners of war who are in Ukraine, he noted that Russia would exchange them for Ukrainian prisoners who are kept in Russia, but he would certainly deny to the last that they had been carrying out military tasks in Ukraine. “In the future Russia is going to continue to stick to the official story that the military had been allegedly lost. For many centuries the entire military doctrine of Russia had been built on the idea to overwhelm any problem by piles of dead bodies. And the military and economic doctrine by Putin is based upon piling corpses, and then polishing it off by money to calm tensions.”<.i>