17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:15

Siarhei Kuzin: I will defend Ukraine with arms in my hands


A famous Belarusian and Ukrainian radio presenter is ready for mobilisation.

“If I am called up or mobilisation is declared, I will defend [Ukraine] without any conditions and excuses. I was in trouble spots many times. We have visited some checkpoints since March. I hope it will not happen, but my answer is obvious taking into account that I have friends who were wounded or killed there,” Siarhei Kuzin answered Belsat's question if he was ready to defend Ukraine with arms.

A former radio presenter and producer at Alfa Radio, Kuzin refused to work in Minsk in 2004 after the Ministry of Information appointed new people. He now lives and works in Kyiv. He obtained Ukrainian citizenship. Siarhei Kuzin was a participant of this year's Maidan protests.