19 January 2018, Friday, 16:36

Belarusian paratroopers have departed for military practice in Russia


About two dozen servicemen of the 38th separate guardian mobile brigade have left for Krasnodar region from the Machulishchy aerodrome today.

This comes from a fresh issue of the official newspaper of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus “Belarusian Military Newspaper. To Homeland’s Glory”, BelTA reports.

Belarusian troops of the special operations forces will take part in the battalion tactical exercise of the airborne troops of Russia’s Armed Forces, which will take place on 2 to 5 September at the tactical training camp Raevskiy close to Novorossiysk.

Brest paratroopers together with Russian colleagues will practice the issues of defense preparations and defensive fight in different conditions on unfamiliar terrain (plain and wooded mountains), as well as ones of practical landing in different ways from the planes of military transport planes and organization of the cooperation with front aviation. Apart from that, new troops management methods will be used during the exercise with the implementation of the Andromeda-D control system.

Photo: RIA “Novosti”