17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:24

Petro Poroshenko: Russian troops enter Ukraine


(being updated) A special meeting of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council has been called.

The press service of the Ukrainian president said it in a press release on August 28.

“I have made a decision to cancel my working visit to the Republic of Turkey due to sharp aggravation of the situation in Donetsk region, particularly in Amvrosiivka and Starobeshevo, as Russian troops were actually brought into Ukraine," Petro Poroshenko said.

He also said a special meeting of the National Security and Defence Council would be called today to work out the further plan of actions. “The President must stay in Kyiv today,” Poroshenko emphasised.

A command centre of the battalion task group of the Russian Armed Forces was set up yesterday near the village of Pobeda. Five APCs and a KamAZ truck with personnel entered the town of Amvrosiivka.

Zoryan Shkiryak, an advisor of the Ukrainian interior minister, reported earlier about an invasion of the Russian troops into Ukraine in several directions. “We should not that there is a full-scale military invasion of the Russian armed forces into Ukraine in several directions. The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces tries to split the anti-terrorist operation forces to take control over towns in the Donbas region,” he said.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, said that Russia had sent military equipment to the Donbas region. “Russia has also sent its newest air defense systems including the SA-22 into eastern Ukraine & is now directly involved in the fighting,” the diplomat wrote on Twitter.

Russian troops occupy towns in the Luhansk region, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, said it at a briefing on August 28. According to him, squads of local “militants” and Cossacks, who were unable to resist the anti-terrorist operation forces and were involved in plundering and armed robberies, were replaced by regular units of the Russian army during the past week in the towns of the Luhansk region (Luhansk, Krasnodon, Antratsyt) under control of Russian mercenaries.

He noted additional forces came the towns of Perevalsk, Zorynsk, Maloivanovka, Malaya Fashchovka, Verhuliyevka and Rozsypne to help terrorists and prepare the towns for a long defence.