18 January 2018, Thursday, 16:47

Pavel Seviarynets: Scared Europeans ready to shake hands with anybody

No breakthrough in Belarus-EU relations are expected in the near future.

Pavel Seviarynets, a co-head of the organising committee to create the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, said it to charter97.org.

– The summit involving the EU, Ukraine and the Eurasian Troika took place in Minsk yesterday. It's clear that holding the event in Belarus was profitable for dictator Lukashenka. What will he gain, in your opinion?

– I think he won't have many benefits, because all are busy with their own problems. Russia wants to get as much as possible. The EU wants to reduce damage as much as possible. Ukraine presented by Poroshenko wants to have certain guarantees of peace. Lukashenka is just a venue. Maybe he will gain something. Poroshenko will act as his lawyer some more times. But it is not a “diplomatic breakthrough”, as the state-owned media present it.

– If so, who gained from the meeting and why?

– The meeting was profitable first of all for Putin, because the attention of Poroshenko and Ukrainian society was turned to the talks. They laid certain hopes on the meeting. Such breaks are goods for the opponent during the war. While they were talking, several columns of vehicles entered Ukraine. They occupied several towns and villages in the Donbas region. Unfortunately, the meeting was profitable for the aggressor.

– Lukashenka has long been a pariah among European politicians. How ethical of European leaders was it to agree on the meeting? Why did they need to shake hands with the dictator?

– After Putin turned into a beast, Lukashenka began to look more attractive in contrast with him. Perhaps, scared Europeans are ready to shake hands with anybody, because they want Russia to leave them alone.

– Does it mean that Lukashenka can now establish closer relations with European countries than he had before?

– I think Europe is now busy with other things. It seems that if he just waits without applying any efforts, he will not succeed.