18 January 2018, Thursday, 11:06

The National Security Bureau of Poland: Ukraine can count on NATO's arms


The NATO countries can sell to Ukraine weapons necessary for fighting.

It is possible in case Kyiv applies with such a request at the nearest summit of the alliance. Such an opinion has been expressed by the head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) Stanisław Koziej, “Evropejskaja Pravda” informs with a reference to UNIAN.

“It will depend on whether Ukraine’s president asks something like this at the session of the Ukraine-NATO Committee or not,” Koziej said, commenting on the possible armaments sales to Ukrainians.

He noted that the Western countries, which are the NATO members, could sell arms to Ukraine even without approval from other countries of the Alliance, however he noted that it would be better to make such a decision together, not separately.

“The NATO member states are not to receive an approval of the Alliance, as the issue of weapons, its sales are pertaining to the competence of the country… There could be certain coordination at the NATO summit certainly, while we do that, the point at issue is that these actions should look as joint, not individual ones, as in such a case they have a different impact zone in the sphere of information or diplomacy,” he said.

The head of BBN, which is an advisory body of the present of Poland and an equivalent of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said that personally he saw no reasons why Western states would not be able to sell armaments to Ukrainians.

“There are no contraindications against selling armaments to Ukraine. All the more so, as the other side is receiving modern armaments constantly,” Koziej said, warning however it was his personal opinion.

He noted that these issues are the sphere of responsibility of the Ministry of Defense in Poland.

Mr Koziej noted that armaments delivery could take “several days” and more, depending on its kind.