17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:02

Minsk meeting was disaster for Poroshenko


Ukraine can win only if Maidan spreads to neighbouring countries.

Such a statement has been made to charter97.org website by the coordinator of “European Belarus” civil campaign Zmitser Bandarenka.

- Are you shocked by the direct invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine two days after the talks in Minsk?

- Actually, even before the beginning of the talks in Minsk Russia started a massive incursion, as a result of which several military of elite battalions of Ukrainian army and the National Guard were encircled. I was shocked that despite of that President Poroshenko rushed to Minsk.

- Why the offensive has taken place exactly now?

- Minsk summit proved to become a real disaster for Poroshenko and the Ukrainian delegation: a diplomatic, propagandistic and finally military one. Poroshenko had been warned about that both by leaders of the democratic forces of Belarus, and many Ukrainian politicians and experts.

Dictators Putin and Lukashenka were the key newsmakers in Minsk. Poroshenko looked weak and helpless, and Putin, as an experienced predator, quickly “scanned” the state of the victim. Right after the talks he ordered to launch a massive offensive on the coast of the Sea of Azov, in order to cut a corridor to Crimea.

- The war is underway. Why nation-wide mobilization is not announced in Ukraine?

- To my mind, the Ukrainian leadership poorly understands what is happening now. A struggle of dictatorship forces against dictatorship is taking place in the area of post-Soviet countries, of the empire against freedom of nations, forces of darkness against forces of the good and light. Ukraine’s president decided he could solve the Ukrainian crisis by the way of friendship with dictators and backroom agreements with the main aggressor, and not by resolute military actions.

Ukraine is the largest post-Soviet country after Russia, and in the war against the aggressive Empire the leader of this country could have become a leader of all democratically-minded people in Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus region and in Russia itself.

- Instead of that, he has chosen dictator Lukashenka as a “peace-maker”. How could it be possible after Maidan?

- Not only as a peace-maker, but as a partner as well. Poroshenko has simply spitted on the people who have democratic views, those who struggle for freedom against the dictatorship. He states that he is doing that in the best interests of Ukraine, but the fact is that decent people in Belarus and Ukraine are the same. Once Yushchenko became “an advocate” and friend of Lukashenka, and first he lost respect of Belarusians, and then Ukrainians. One cannot be a democrat and European in Ukraine, and a friend of dictators outside of Ukraine.

Poroshenko has done three very dangerous things. He has lifted a many-year blockade from Lukashenka, disregarding the interests of Belarusian democratic forces. He has legitimized the Eurasian Union, this reviving imperial structure. He has legitimized Putin, who after shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft by Russian military was in fact a non-handshakable outcast in Europe and worldwide.

The leaders of the new Ukraine continue the line of Kuchma-Yushchenko-Yanukovych, and the retribution for incompetence and mistakes followed immediately.

- What will save Ukraine?

- There is war in Ukraine. The country has come under attack of a powerful, devilish military machine. It is necessary to break diplomatic relations with Russia. Nation-wide mobilization must be announced, the economy should be put on a wartime footing. Ukrainians are noted for his high morale and patriotic spirit, but it is impossible that there is war in one part of the country, and people are killed, while the majority of the population continues to behave as if nothing has happened.

Today Ukraine should depend upon itself only. If it holds out one year, there will be international military aid, and Putin will be defeated. If the Ukrainian authorities would hope that it is possible to defend independence and freedom by diplomatic games with participation of dictators, then absolutely different forces will hold the reins of power by the New Year.

Ukraine can win only if Maidan spreads to neighbouring countries.

- Should there be hope for the West?

- As a businessman, Poroshenko understands perfectly well, how important the problem of Russian boycott of European goods is. He decided that his help in mending relations of Europe with the dictatorial Belarus would be enough.

But the problem of excess of apples, cheese and sea food is so important for the European political business, that they have no regrets and do not hesitate to give away the entire Eastern Ukraine to Russia.

- What will Lukashenka do in the conditions of an open war between Russia and Ukraine?

- During the EU-CU-Ukraine meeting Lukashenka was perfectly happy. He was as happy as Yanukovych a year ago, when Europe ran after him, and Russia promised $15 billion to him. it is hard to evaluate the results of Ashton’s work over her term, but formally she is the first lady of Europe, and her handshake could have most unpredictable consequences for people who are trying to deceive the EU.

The story of Yanukovych has demonstrated that sometimes the swingboat, which moves between the East and the West, sometimes falls, and a hard landing follows.