21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:34

60 Russian tanks in 20 km from Mariupol


Russian troops near Mariupol are preparing another springboard for advancing deeper into Ukraine’s territory.

60 tanks have been noticed there, ready to move to the seaside city. Now the soldiers are painting the machinery in the colors of so-called Novorossiya, TSN reports.

At the moment Russian fighting groups are departing from Novoazovsk to Mariupol. They shelled with trench mortars the roadblock of Ukrainian forces in the village of Bezymenne – the Ukrainian fighters backed off into the city, because they have actually nothing to respond with. According to intelligence data, Russians have settled in the village and are in 20 km from Mariupol. The 9th territorial defense battalion, border guards, guardians and Dnepr-1 battalion perfectly realize that Russians will try to break through to make a corridor reaching to Crimea.

“We have to constantly change locations, because stoppers send the enemy’s fire onto us. We have just detained a spotter, who was aiming the Grad launcher at us”, - one of the Ukrainian soldiers tells.

“50 tanks have entered the territory from Russia, while we have 7 rocket-propelled grenades. That is all, we have nothing else against tanks. We also have RPG-18 Mukha and AKM, made in 1962”, - another serviceman says. Our soldiers claim that these are no “insurgents” fighting against them.

“It is a Russian invasion, this is unequivocal. Yesterday we made sure of that, when Russian tanks with Russian flags and soldiers entered Novoazovsk”, - the military men tell.

Russian soldiers have blocked the seized city and do not allow anyone to leave toward Ukraine, while they only send forced migrant to Russia. They shelled a bus, which tried to take children out of Novoazovsk . Fortunately, there were no victims. There are up to a thousand Russian troops in the city, mostly from Caucasus and Far East regions. In the meanwhile, Ukrainian fighters from Ilovaysk report that they are doubly surrounded and running out of ammunition, water and food.