20 January 2018, Saturday, 18:30

Sikorski and Makei meet in Warsaw

The foreign ministers of Poland and Belarus met to discuss the bilateral relations and the situation in Ukraine.

Radoslaw Sikorski and Uladzimir Makei made statements to journalists after the meeting. However, journalists were not allowed to ask question. The condition was apparently set by the Belarusian foreign minister to avoid unpleasant questions about political prisoners.

The Polish diplomat called the events in the Donbas region an “aggression”, while his Belarusian counterpart said it was the “escalation of the situation”, Belsat TV reports.

Uladzimir Makei said the talks were open and sincere, but Radoslaw Sikorski emphasised a number of problems between Minsk and Warsaw. “We are neighbours. As our president says, we are doomed to live together,” Uladzimir Makei said. “We are all concerned about the escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine. This country is an important economic and trade partner for us. Belarus also has human contacts and ties with Ukraine. We are fraternal nations that have been living together for centuries. We are interested in establishing peace in the neighbouring country as soon as possible.”

The Polish foreign minister made a more categorical statement. He stressed he would like to see “more dialogue and less struggle” in the Ukrainian issue. Sikorski called the conflict in Donbas an aggression. “Poland does not accept yet another escalation of aggression in Ukraine. This is a violation of international law. We are disappointed that the escalation is taking place so soon after the Minsk meeting, which we've had such high hopes for,” Radoslaw Sikorski said. “The current events in eastern Ukraine are a test of the intentions of the talks.”

Uladzimir Makei arrived in Warsaw on a working visit that will last until August 29. Besides the meeting with Radoslaw Sikorski, he plans to hold talks with the Polish minister of economy and meet with Polish businessmen.