17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:02

EU can ban deliveries of vodka, caviar and diamond from Russia


A new package of sanctions against Russia can be approved at the EU summit tomorrow.

As noted by Die Welt, Germany, foreign ministers of the EU have already started to discuss the sanctions at the meeting in Milan. Among the possible restrictions Brussels could impose on Moscow, are denial from Russian vodka, caviar, and diamonds, ZN.us informs.

The latter ban can seriously hit the economy of Russia, as it is one of the largest exporters of diamonds in the world. At the same time, abandonment of Russian oil and gas by the EU is unlikely.

Europe’s dependence on Russian energy products is too great. Besides, European politicians doubt that Putin could dare to shut off valve in the middle of winter, as he would lose a huge sum of money needed by the Russian budget. The final package of sanctions could be rubberstamped at the EU summit tomorrow.