19 January 2018, Friday, 8:57

Construction minister thinks 1 square metre in Minsk costs $617


Not more than 7 million square metres of housing will be built in Minsk in the nearest five years.

Anatoli Chorny, the minister of architecture and construction, says residential construction will be focused on satellite towns. Area development plans will be completed by March 2015, BelTA reports.

Minsk's satellite towns now include Dziarzhynsk, Zaslauye, Lahoisk, Rudensk, Smaliavichy and Fanipal. It is planned to focus on the construction of low-rise apartments.

The ministry stressed that the volume of construction was reduced within the Minsk ring road. According to him, only 7 million square metres will be constructed on undeveloped land plots and territories where old buildings will be demolished.

The average cost of a square metre in large-panel housing is 6,365,000, the minister said.

“Lukashenka set the task: the price of one metre should not exceed the country's average salary 1.2-fold. The average salary is 6,055,000 rubles, so large-panel buildings have a coefficient of 1.05. We keep the price of a square metre of large-panel housing at the level of the average salary,” he noted.