21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:45

Lukashenka wants to make money on Putin’s new sanctions


Belarus is ready to supply food products to Russia instead of the countries, against which Moscow has introduced imports restriction.

RIA News agency learnt that from the first deputy Minister of Agriculture and Provisions of the country Leanid Marynich.

According to him, Belarus is ready to replace western countries on many food positions. “It is a Klondike for us”, - Marynich claimed.

In particular, Belarus plans on increasing to supply of cheese, meat and full cream milk. Belarusian agrarians are ready to make additional deliveries of vegetables. “We will replace Dutch potatoes, we will replace Polish apples – we have everything”, - the deputy minister said.

It is expected that the list of the products, banned from being imported, will be published on 7 August.

On 6 August Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning the imports of agricultural products, raw materials and food products from the countries that had imposed sanctions on Russia. The restriction will be in force for a year. The head of the state has tasked the government with the preparation of a list of the products that fall under the ban. At the same time the cabinet of ministers will prepare measures aimed at preventing accelerated price growth on agricultural and food products.