16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:51

Jury Rubcou: Decision has already been made on my case

Another political prisoner may appear in Belarus.

Jury Rubcou, who has seen criminal charges pressed against him under the article 391 ‘Insulting a judge or a people's assessor’, has told charter97.org about the reasons for prosecution.

“The incident, which caused the criminal charges being brought, took place on 28 April. At a court’s proceeding, which ended in a 25-day arrest, the lawyer asked, why it was taking place behind closed doors. The judged Kiryl Palulekh responded that he had simply forbidden letting people in the courtroom. In response to this absurd statement I said: “Judges, who pass unlawful verdicts, are essentially scumbags and will answer for their crimes sooner or later”. He paid attention to these words, took policemen as witnesses and claimed he would press charges. In prison in Akrescina Street, while serving the time of the arrest, they questioned me as a suspect. Last week it turned out that after two months criminal charges have been pressed against me. I was told to come to Minsk for questioning. I was in the capital yesterday on my private business and, upon a previous agreement, visited the Investigatory Committee. I was handed in a copy of the resolution on the criminal charges”, - Jury Rubcou said.

The opposition activist is convinced that, despite the released of Ales Bialatski and the start of a “dialogue” with European institutions, repressions will only strengthen against the regime’s opponents before the election year of 2015.

, - Jury Rubcou claimed.

The Homiel resident does not expect any surprises from law enforcement agencies on his case.

“I am convinced that the decision on my case has already been made, while the court’s proceeding will turn into another show. However, this show will be a joke on the Belarus’ judiciary”, - he said.

Photo: Belsat