23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:55

Lukashenka doubts in law-enforcement agencies


The dictator is not sure the law-enforcement agencies won't use laws for illicit gain.

The pre-trial agreement on cooperation is designed to improve crime detection rather than reduce the term of imprisonment for criminals, Lukashenka said today at a meeting to discuss the draft law on comprehensive adjustment of the criminal and criminal procedure legislation, BelTA reports.

The ruler notes that the pre-trial cooperation agreement provoked heated debates. According to him, many people ask if criminals will tell investigators “fairy tales” about their alleged accomplices. “Will they give false evidence against other people to save their own skin? Will this agreement allow dangerous criminals to avoid strict punishment they deserve?” Lukashenka asked. “Let's be honest: Are we sure in our law-enforcement officers? Are we sure they will use these agreements for lawful purposes only and not for their own gain from kickbacks for agreements on cooperation in exchange for a softer sentence?”

Lukashenka asked if the tool would increase crime detection and how effective it would be. According to him, one should have answers to these questions and be absolutely confident that the right direction for the improvement of the criminal and criminal procedure legislation was chosen.