23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:12

“Pahonya’s” combatant: 12 Belarusians killed in battles for Ukraine (Video)


Such a statement has been made by a fighter of “Pahonya” detachment, who called himself Lesavik, to 4vlada.com website.

Besides, the Belarusian told what was the aim of creating the detachment, and described his vision of the political situation of Ukraine.

“The move for creation of “Pahonya” detachment is a symbolic one,” he said. “It could be called an ideological one. In this way we wanted to show that there are people in Belarus, there are Belarusians, who are engaged in battles in Ukraine. It is not generally known that there are Belarusians in different units, almost every battalion has Belarusians, who fight for Ukraine. According to our knowledge, 12 fighters have been killed. It is information as of the situation two-three days ago, as more people could have died over these days. There are Belarusians who are dying for Ukraine, but reports about that are absent in the informational space of Ukraine so far. On the whole, there is no information that Belarusians are fighting for Ukraine.”