19 January 2018, Friday, 6:27

Fake devices with Euroset documents sold in Minsk


Several incidents are reported to take place in Minsk and Pinsk.

Charter97.org received several letters after yesterday's article with a video of swindlers near Materik construction hypermarket who assured their equipment was bought in a Euroset shop. The readers confirm facts of illegal activities of Russian swindlers in different towns in Belarus.

Reader Aliaksei writes he saw that some people were selling fake Bosch hammer drills in the parking lot of Materik hypermarket.

“The seller said they were original instruments. The price was 2 million rubles, like at the market. I said to the seller I had an original hammer drill of this brand. He replied only fakes are sold at the market.

By the way, these drills are widely represented at the Belarusian online auction ay.by. Sellers claim the tools were assembled in Slovenia. The price is twice as low as the price of original tools. A hammer drill is an electric instrument subject to mandatory safety certification. These Chinese fakes do not have any certificates. These devices are dangerous for people,” the reader thinks.

The site's reader from Pinsk says he began to notice in winter that some people sell devices in streets.

“They offered me to buy 'expensive' mobile phones and tablets. The sellers looks like men from the Caucasian region. I know some people who bought these devices and later cried that they had bought crap. I know that the swindlers lived in a hotel in Partyzanskaya Street, the cheapest one in the town. They have cars with Russian registration plates,” he says.

Minsk resident Andrei became a victim of swindlers.

“I bought a tablet near the Maskouski market for 1,300,000 rubles. When I understood it was a fake, it was too late. The forged documents were allegedly issued by Russia's Euroset store,” he complains.

Users of social networks are actively discussing the incidents. Vitali Dudkin says such “sellers” can be noticed near the central railway station in Minsk. Other people confirm that they regularly see them near Materik hypermarket. Some think they are Gypsies.

“I am sick and tired of them. I return from work and go to the hypermarket in Chyzhouka district. A Roma boy runs to me and almost tries to get into my car with his rotten gadget. There are plenty of security guards in every hypermarket. Why don't they care that swindlers are working in their territory? Do these rascals pay them?” Igor Tarkan writes on Facebook.

If you witnessed similar frauds, please contact us at [email protected] or on social networking sites.