17 January 2018, Wednesday, 21:00

Andrey Illarionov: It is all over with “Novorossia” without Russia’s brining troops into Ukraine


The former Putin’s advisor believes that the possibility of Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine is the highest at the moment.

Terrorists in Donetsk region have not been able to maintain viability of “Novorossia” by their own resources, and now they are receiving a huge support from Russia. It is stated in an interview to gordonua.com by the former advisor to Vladimir Putin, a prominent economist Andrey Illarionov.

“The probability of a direct military aggression has grown considerably. Never before the probability of full-scale military operations was so high as it is now. One should understand the role played by separatists and terrorists in Donbas. If they were rather successful and could perform “Novorossia” project similarly to Transdniester, it would be their individual success. But it has turned out that they do not have enough forces, and a huge military and technical support is provided to them,” Illarionov stressed.

According to the economist, only one way is left for saving “Novorossia” – a direct military incursion of Russia.

“Though with great difficulty and numerous victims, the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) is pushing forward, towns of Donbas are being liberated one by one. The question remains open: how much time it will take to liberate the entire territory occupied by terrorists. It would mean the end of the entire Putin’s operation, which he proclaimed on April 17 under the name of “Novorossia” project. Different steps had been taken to save this project – from diplomatic pressure to a terrorist operation when the Boeing was downed. But that was not enough. Under such conditions there are no other ways and methods to continue “Novorossia” project, except for a full-fledged military operation,” the expert noted.

Illarionov thinks that military actions could be started not only in Donbas, but on the entire perimeter of the border, as well as near the coast of the Black and Azov Seas.

“Though the immediate aim of the possible military operation is to support “Novorossia” project in Donbas, in order to guarantee success of this operation, military actions in other parts of Ukraine are not excluded as well, including the entire perimeter of the Russian-Ukrainian border and near the coast of the Black and Azov Seas,” Illarionov noted.