22 January 2018, Monday, 9:20

“Made in Belarus”


Sergey Mitrokhin, “Ekho Moskvy”

Minsk learnt the trick of it long ago – to put new stickers on imported goods.

You can imagine that you have stopped to be surprised at even most outlandish things in the theatre of the Absurd of the today’s Russia. But it is an illusion. It’s an absurdity, so it exists to overturn the most obvious predictions.

Lukashenka and Nazarbayev probably already know what a present has been made to them by Putin. They keep the noise down and cannot believe their luck.

The fact is that taking the decision to ban imports from the West, Putin and Medvedev have forgotten about existence of the Customs Union, in which all goods from partner countries are imported tax free.

All the goods banned by Russia are to flood into the country from Belarus and Kazakhstan now. These countries have learnt to paste new stickers on agricultural products produced in distant foreign countries. If zealous fighters against foreign imports would be really interested in the problems of Russian manufacturers, they would certainly know about this illegal business competition inside the Customs Union. Now the business of pasting new stickers with a different manufacturer is sure to become even more profitable.

So there would be no considerable deficiency of imported food products in our country. There will be a huge black market controlled by bandit clans, and fantastic earnings of policemen, procuracy employees, employees of Rospotrebnadzor, who are to decide in the end, whether this sausage had been really made in Belarus or in Kazachstan.

Sergey Mitrokhin, “Ekho Moskvy”

Photo: m24.ru