23 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:59

Policemen forced to remove national flags from private house in Baranavichy


The flag was noticeable from a distance, and it got on the nerves of the district policeman.

Charter97.org has been informed about that by one of our visitors.

“On the weekend, I hoisted a flag in the yard of my grandmother’s private house, and went to the forest to pick mushrooms. While I was absent, our district policeman came and said that it is forbidden to run up a white-red-white flag. Relatives were naturally frightened, and they removed the flag. My grandmother said that the district policeman had done that to be on the safe side, so that his superior would not rebuke him,” he said.

We remind that it is not the first incident when Belarusians are intimidated for national symbols. Thus, last month a similar incident took place in Smalyavichy.