17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:07

European Belarus coordinator faces threats of bodily harm in jail

Maksim Viniarski reports about threats to him.

A coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, who was detained on Friday and taken to a detention centre in Akrestsin Street pending trial, asked his cellmate to deliver this information. The man from Maksim's cell was released this morning and phoned Maksim Viniarski's relatives. Charter97.org learnt it from Yulia Stsiapanava, an activist of the civil campaign European Belarus.

“He received very serious threats in the detention centre. They said they would dispose of him after the trial. They said it straightly,” Yulia cited Maksim's cellmate.

The activist went on dry hunger strike during his previous term in custody ahead of the Ice Hockey World Championship. Maksim Viniarski was invited to a police station some days ago. Police officers told him to sign a warning against extremist activity, but Maksim refused to sign it.