17 January 2018, Wednesday, 8:00

Businessman from Hrodna: A case was framed up against me for support of Union of Poles


Yauhen Lastauka says that the authorities take revenge for his participation in rallies of the oppositional Union of Poles.

The businessman from Hrodna has told about that to charter97.org, when he related about the criminal case opened against him last year. Yauhen Lastauka was charged with a theft of a motorcycle belonging to another dweller of the town. As said by the businessman, he didn’t have any relation to that crime.

“I brought the motorcycle from Poland. It was in August, 2013. “The complainant Yury Razhko stated that I sold the motorcycle to him, and then allegedly stole it. In reality, there have been no deals between us. The noted of hand, offered to the judge, and which confirm I had sold the motorcycle, are fabricated, they had not been signed by me. Notably, he filed a crime incident report two months after it allegedly happened. The case was opened on charges related to Article 205 Part 3 (Large-scale theft), but later it was suspended, and then continued again. The case is investigated by Dzmitry Gizhunou,” he said.

Yauhen Lastauka underlined that during the alleged crime he was abroad, and it was impossible for him to commit it.

“I have an ironclad alibi. I was outside Belarus in the moment the deal and the theft allegedly took place. I was on a holiday in Montenegro, and documents and stamps in my passport prove that,” he said.

The businessman believes that the case had been trumped up. As the most probable reason he names his participation in the events organised in Hrodna by the oppositional Union of Poles.

“I do not exclude they simply needed to improve their statistics. Why I was targeted? Most likely, it’s because of my participation in the rallies and events of the Union of Poles, I supported this organisation, talked to journalists, with prominent persons. It has probably become the reason why I am the accused in the case, though I have alibi,” the Hrodna dweller said.

The first session of the court in the case of Yauhen Lastauka took place in August, 2014. It is unknown when the next one is to be scheduled. Now the businessman is abroad.