22 January 2018, Monday, 1:30

Australia suggests holding G20 summit without Russia


At the NATO summit Australia will suggest excluding Russia from G20.

Australia intends to use the summit in Wales, scheduled for 4-5 September, in order to get the agreement of the G20 countries to block the participation of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in the upcoming meeting in Brisbane in November, The Australian Financial Review reports.

Australia is the host of the future G20 meeting, but it cannot unilaterally decide on not inviting someone of the leaders, Interfax reports.

G20 comprises of Australia, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, France, South Korea, SAR, Japan and the European Union. G20 accounts for 90% of world’s GDP.

Out of the G20 countries NATO members are United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, USA, France, Turkey and Germany, however, delegations of other countries will participate in the summit, including Australia, South Korea, Japan and EU.

In an interview to the newspaper Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that the main topics of the summit in Cardiff will be Iraq, Syria and the crisis in Ukraine. According to her, the question will be probed on non-participation of the Russian leader in the upcoming summit in Brisbane, and this topic, according to her, may get into the focus of attention.

In particular, the Minister intends to discuss this issue with the US Secretary of State John Kerry and US Defense Minister Chuck Hagel, who recently took part in meetings at the ministerial level and welcomed the idea not to invite the Russian leader, unless Moscow changed its position as to the Ukrainian crisis, the newspaper reports.

On Monday Australian government expanded the sanctions against Russia in the spheres of defense, finance and oil and gas industry. These measures provide for a ban on exporting armaments, equipment for oil and gas industry to Russia, restrictions of the access of Russian banks to the Australian capital market, a ban on investments into Crime or trade with the autonomous republic.