18 January 2018, Thursday, 10:58

In Russia own “titushky” trained to fight against “maidans”


“Anti-maidan people’s guard groups” has started in Russia.

Forming of anti-maidan groups has started in the provinces of Russia. Together with law-enforcing agencies, they are to prevent “anti-governmental, provocative actions on the part of the system-level opposition, aimed at overthrow of the constitutional order.” Letters with a request to facilitate their work have already been sent to some governors. Experts have different views on this initiative, “Izvestiya” writes.

“We are ready to provide the lists of the people’s guard’s members and coordinators of such groups to be checked by law-enforcing agencies in the framework of the Law #44-FZ “On participation of citizens in public order maintenance” in the in the shortest possible time. The group should consist of 10 persons with a “foreman” (desyatnik, leader of a group of ten), who should be directly coordinate his actions with a staff member of the law enforcement system of Russia. The number of “tens” (druzhina) and the degree to which they are to be involved in concrete places, is to be decided by law-enforcing structures,” the letters of the head of the Anti-Maidan council and the president of the Foundation for support of veterans “Otrada”, addressed to self-styled governors of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov and Sevastopol, Sergey Menyajlo.

These letters also specify that these groups are to include veterans of law-enforcing agencies, and they have a right for such activities under the Federal law “On veterans”.

As “Izvestiya” were told by the authors of the letter, these people’s guard’s groups are to start their work in September.

- The letters have been sent to all heads of regions, which territories are bordering on Ukraine, as well as to the heads of the regions of the central Russia. These groups are to start their work primarily in these subjects, and over a longer term, all over the country. Their main objective is to defend the constitutional order of Russia, including prevention of all kinds of provocations and terrorist attacks, – the head of the Anti-Maidan council Evgeny Shabaev explained.