18 January 2018, Thursday, 8:54

NATO heavy weapons can be delivered to Lithuania


The decision can be taken by NATO member states at a summit in Wales.

The statement was made by Arturas Paulauskas, the chairman of the Lithuanian Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence, ru.DELFI.lt reports.

“In accordance with the rotation basis, representatives of ground forces should be here. We spoke about a command centre, but it is likely to be set up in Poland and we will delegate our military there. Weapons, most likely heavy weapons, will be delivered, but the decision should be taken in Wales by heads of NATO member states. Our position is clear: we think we need to boost our defence,” the committee chairman told journalists.

According to Paulauskas, it was proposed at the committee meeting that the question of increasing the number and volume of training exercises of the allies in Lithuania should be raised at the NATO summit. “We raised the question that exercises should be held more often and on a larger scale involving both the Americans and the military of other NATO member states to give opportunities to the military to have more practice here in Lithuania and to increase weapons and military personnel here. We now speak about the deployment of a company here,” Paulauskas said.''

The US sent company-sized groups of troops to the Baltic States and Poland as a response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine.