19 January 2018, Friday, 6:42

EU sanctions against Russia to hit financial sector, sport and culture


New sanctions will be imposed if it is proved that Russia sent its troops to Ukraine.

The statement was made by Czech president Milos Zeman after his visit to the parliament, Korrespondent writes with a link to Novinky.

Asked by journalists if the Czech Republic should support new EU sanctions against Russia, Zeman said: “Only if it is definitely proved that Russia really sent its military units to eastern Ukraine.”

On Tuesday, the Czech government received from Brussels a new package of EU sanctions against Russia. They can hit not only Russia's economy and financial sector, but also football and culture, the Czech radio reports citing sources in the cabinet of ministers.

NATO made public satellite images in late August showing Russian self-propelled artillery in Ukraine and near the Ukrainian border.

Kyiv's Ambassador to the European Union, Konstantin Eliseev says Ukraine expects the EU to present a package of tough sanctions against Russia on September 5.