21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:00

Lidskoe keg beer to disappear from sale?


An accident happened at the plant, but managers refuse to say details.

Charter97.org learnt it from a reader, who works in trade. According to him, Lidskoe Pivo Brewery stopped making keg beer more than a week ago. The brewery now produces only bottled beer.

“A wall fell at the bottling line. I don't know if someone was killed, but several people have injuries,” he says.

Media did not report about it, but those working with the brewery know about the accident. Beer stocks are melting and keg beer will soon disappear from bars and stores until the repaired line is opened again.

A charter97.org journalist called the brewery to get details. The chief engineer avoided giving straight answers, but confirmed indirectly that an incident really took place. However, he didn't give more details.

– Is it true that the wall fell on the bottling line?

– No, it didn't.

– Do you continue bottling beer?

– Yes, we have beer.

– Do you mean there were no problems?

– There were no problems if we speak about the line.

– But where were they?

– I cannot say anything more.

– We have information that people were injured…

– No, it's not true.