17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:01

Belarusian paratroopers take part in military exercise in south Russia


Joint Russia and Belarus battalion tactical military exercise with paratrooper landing and combat shooting is taking place near Novorossiysk.

Interfax-ANV learnt that on Wednesday from the official representative of the airborne troops major Iryna Kruhlova.

“From Belarus a subunit of the special operations forces is taking part, from Russia – a paratrooper assault battalion of the 7th guardian paratrooper assault (mountain) division. The general commander of the exercise is the division commander colonel Roman Breus”, - Kruhlova said.

According to her, on Wednesday for the first time in international military exercise the landing of foreign troops took place at the Krasnooktyabrskaya landing site with the use of Russian parachute systems.

“A platoon of Belarusian paratroopers in the total number of 20 people successfully landed from Il-76 planes within a subdivision of Russian paratroopers with the use of D-10 parachute systems”, - Kruhlova specified.

Apart from the 250 people of the staff, the discharge of two military cargoes took place in the area of the military exercise.

“The active part of the exercise and the stage of combat shooting will take place at the Raevskiy firing ground (Krasnodar region) and will last until 5 September”, - Kruhlova said.

She reported that during the exercise the allies with the support of the front aviation (Su-24M. Su-25 jets) and artillery (Nona-S) will practice the coordination of command bodies, the organization of cooperation in difficult circumstances with the use of the newest communication equipment, landing and assault activities for seizing a mountain pass, forcing a water barrier on armed machinery, as well as preparing defense positions on an unfamiliar terrain.

The exercise follows the regulations of the Plan of the international activities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the year of 2014, Kruhlova pointed out.

Photo: RIA “Novosti”