22 January 2018, Monday, 9:18

Obama compared Russian aggression to Nazism


A new world order has come.

The US President has drawn a parallel between the ongoing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the actions of the Nazi before the Second World War. Such a statement has been made by him at the joint press-conference with Estonian President Toomas Ilves in Tallinn on Wednesday, “Ukrainskaya Pravda” informs.

What we are seeing is an aggression, which is appealing to nationalistic feelings, which had been historically dangerous in Europe, he said.

Obama has also stated that in this connection presence of the NATO troops will be stepped up in Europe, and I Estonia in particular, and additional military exercises held.

As said by him, Russia is to pay a high price for its aggression. He reminded that it is already experiencing serious economic losses, and it is to continue in the future.

At the same time he promised a considerable economic support to Ukraine, including for holding radical reforms and overcoming consequences of the military hostilities in the east.

The US president has also said that a new world order has come in respect of security, and it is to be reflected during the NATO summit in Wales September 4-5. He has also stated that at the summit Ukraine can receive a status of the NATO special partner.

In his turn Estonian president stated that the agreement between the NATO and Russia, which is frozen now, will be changed.

“Things should be called by their proper names. It is a Russian aggression,” Ilves said.

He added that the NATO and Europe are going to increase aid to Ukraine, including the political, economic and humanitarian ones. As said by him, seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be offered treatment in Western hospitals.

Ilves has also supposed that in the period which is left before the parliamentary election in Ukraine, Russia would do everything in order to destabilize the situation in the country even more, and to disrupt voting.

Photo: Getty Images