21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:42

Arseniy Yatseniuk: Russia should be recognised as aggressor in new defence doctrine


Russia poses a threat to Ukraine's national security.

It should be reflected in Ukraine's new defence doctrine that sets the direction of the military development and the preparation of the country and its armed forces for a possible war, ZN.ua cites Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk as saying at a meeting of the government.

“Ukraine needs a new defence doctrine with a clear definition who is an aggressor and who is a threat. In our new defence doctrine, Russia should be recognised as the aggressor, the main and the only country that threatens the territorial integrity and national security of Ukraine,” he said.

The current military doctrine, which was adopted in 2012, sets defence as a priority.

“Ukraine does not consider any state (coalition of states) as its military enemy, but will consider a potential military enemy the state (coalition of states) whose actions or intentions indicate a threat of use of military force against Ukraine,” the document says.