17 January 2018, Wednesday, 5:43

Pictures of traces of beating of fans before game in Salihorsk


There is new evidence of the cruel beating of fans by policemen.

The pictures of the beaten guys have been sent to charter97.org editorial office by our visitor. There are fans of Dinamo Brest on these pictures.

One of the fans told to the journalist of charter97.org that they cannot share the details of those attack by riot policeman, and the other told that on the way to Brest they were stopped by traffic policemen many times and on far-fetched reasons, and because of that they were almost late for the game. In this connection they decided to move around Salihorsk on foot, and the police probably considered the march of the group of fans too dangerous.

“When we arrived to Salihorsk, we decided to park cars and march to the stadium on foot. Policemen immediately appeared, and told that we should drive in cars. Naturally we refused, and offered them to accompany our group on foot. Police called up for riot policemen as reinforcement. 26 detained were taken to the police department, where battery continued. Two reports were drawn up against each of us, on charges relating “petty hooliganism” and “failure to obey a legal requirements of an official,” and we were immediately told that those who would not sign, would be charged with criminal offenses, “arrest resistance,” he said.

We remind that yesterday a video of brutal beating of football fans by riot policemen was posted on the Internet. The incident happened on August 31, shortly before the game of the 22nd tour of the championship of Belarus with FC Shakhter, Salihorsk. The fans had not committed any unlawful actions.