17 January 2018, Wednesday, 13:55

Barack Obama, David Cameron: NATO should defend Eastern Europe


The leaders of the US and the UK promise support to Ukraine.

Barack Obama and David Cameron promise support to Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia in a joint article published by The Times on Thursday, the first day of the NATO summit, Liga.net reports.

“Russia has ripped up the rulebook with its illegal, self-declared annexation of Crimea and its troops on Ukrainian soil threatening and undermining a sovereign nation state,” Obama and Cameron write. “With Russia trying to force a sovereign state to abandon its right to democracy at the barrel of a gun, we should support Ukraine's right to determine its own democratic future and continue our efforts to enhance Ukrainian capabilities.”

The article says the Alliance should ensure a “persistent” presence in Eastern Europe backed up with a multi-national rapid response force, composed of land, air, maritime and special forces, that “could deploy anywhere in the world at very short notice”.

The US President and the UK Prime Minister called on the NATO members to meet the alliance's obligation to spend 2% of GDP on defence to show that “our collective resolve is as strong as ever” Radio Svaboda reports.

The United States and the UK will not weaken in the face of threats from the Islamic State, the group operating in Iraq and Syria that beheaded two American hostages and threatens to kill another hostage, a British national.

“If terrorists think we will weaken in the face of their threats they could not be more wrong. Countries like Britain and America will not be cowed by barbaric killers,” the US and UK leaders wrote in the article.

The NATO summit is held on September 4-5. Leaders of 28 member states are due to meet with the president of Ukraine. NATO is expected to approve an action plan that would be the Alliance's response to the Ukrainian crisis. NATO also plans to review its relations with Russia.