22 January 2018, Monday, 7:37

McCain: Destructive sanctions must be introduced against Russia

It is also necessary to provide weapons for Ukraine’s defense, since the appetite is growing of the Russian Federation’s president Vladimir Putin.

US senator John McCain stated that in his speech in Kyiv, UNN reports.

“Putin's appetite only grows with the eating… The invasion of Ukraine is an invasion! Things should be called what they are”, - the senator emphasized.

McCain added that “Ukrainians are not asking to fight instead of them. They do it themselves, however do ask for help”.

“Weapons should be provided for Ukraine’s defense, and sanctions introduced that would be destructive for Russia. We should do this not just for Ukraine's sake, but because fundamental principles of the European and global order are at stake here -- the principle that sovereign states have the right to make their own free decisions, that wars of aggression should be confined to our bloody past, and that power alone should not be a license to oppress and subjugate”, - the senator pointed out.

According to McCain, America should have long acted according to the Budapest memorandum.

“We have been losing time. We did not provide protection under the Budapest memorandum. Now it will be difficult to persuade countries to withhold from nuclear weapons”, - he noted.

He also emphasized that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened:

“The introduced sanctions are not acting as they should have. It is a slap in Europe’s face. Putin wants to recreate the Russian empire. He cannot allow for a free and developed Ukraine to exist nearby. Sectoral punitive sanctions should be introduced. Putin pays way too small a price. The market is sinking, while his popularity with the Russians is growing”.