20 July 2019, Saturday, 17:35
We are in the same boat

Man who had filmed arrest at Uruchcha metro station, threatened on behalf of Interior Ministry

Minsk dweller has deleted his account in the social network.

Yesterday a policeman dragged a beggar by a leg along the stairs in Uruchcha metro station. The scene triggered an outburst of anger of the metro passengers. A witness, Kiryl, uploaded a video from the incident scene to social networks. Yesterday it was deleted. Kiryl himself comments on it in the following way: “I deleted the post until the debriefing of the information is made, so the major story lies ahead!” He also changed his surname and place of living,” Nasha Niva reports.

In a few minutes Kiryl posted a screenshot of threats against him:

It was a fake account, judging by the information on the page.

Today the witness deleted his VKontakte account completely. It is not yet clear why.
We remind that a man, who was attempted to be detained by law-enforcers, found himself in the centre of a scandal on October 18. Law-enforcers tried to take him into a police room for examination. Many witnesses say that the man was blond, and policemen used intolerable cruelty against him. Passengers, who happened to be eyewitnesses of the arrest, tried to help the man, and asked the policemen to release the disabled person.