22 January 2019, Tuesday, 23:01
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From Abelskaya to Yarmoshyna: Complete list of 100 millionaires from Drazdy


Every owner of a cottage in Drazdy, an elite cottage community in the outskirts of Minsk, can consider oneself a dollar millionaire.

Even for an unassuming building there almost $1.5 million is asked. Naturally, one won’t be able to sell a cottage for such a price, it’s an illusion. But even by dropping the price to $1 million, the figure is pretty high, Nasha Niva informs.

Over the period of the recent decade, land plots for construction cottages in Drazdy, the settlement of Vesninka nearby, and behind Minsk Arena, were received by more than 100 representatives of Lukashenka’s elite.

The first cottages were built thanks to central procurement, and owners paid by credit money. Now they usually pay using their own resources. Builders evaluate the real investments in such a house as no more than $40,000 – 100,000. It means that everyone out of the one hundred of the elite of functionaries and Lukashenka’s close associates had a net profit of about $1 million.

And their common profit then is $100 million. Who are these people by name? The list below is one of the most important documents of Lukashenka’s epoch.

The gap between the elite of functionaries and common people could be also observed in mental (remember the statement by Minister of Labour Mariyana Shchotkina) and territorial aspects.

Prosecutor General Alyaksandr Kanyuk (who is on this list as well) believes that it is “unethical” for the society to know about wealth of officials. But it is a lie.

According to the Constitution, the only source of state power in Belarus is people. All ministers and prosecutors are simply temporary hired managers. But the nation had not allocated elite land plots to officials. The decisions to give land by improper means are not published on the National legal portal.

“A cottage in Drazdy” could be called in any way at all – a privilege, a perk, a bonus. But first of all it is a payment for loyal conduct. None of the one hundred persons had ever expressed public criticism of Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

* * *

Abelskaya, Iryna – the head of the Republican Clinical Medical Centre

Aheeu Alyaksandr – ex-Minister of Energy

Azaranka Viktoryja – a tennis player

Alsheuski Viktar – an artist

Alymau Yury – ex-deputy chairman of the National Bank

Andrejchanka Uladzimir – the chairman of the Chamber of representatives

Anfimau Leanid – the chairman of the State Control Committee

Bambiza Ivan – ex-Vice Prime Minister

Bandarchuk Tatsyana – ex-director of the Belarusian State circus

Bardzyuzha Mikalai – the Secretary General of the Russia

Barouski Alyaksandr – ex-CEO of Belneftekhim

Batura Barys – ex-chairman of Minsk regional executive committee

Bulyhin Syarhei – first deputy head of the Biathlon Federation

Vakulchyk Valery – chairman of the KGB

Vasilevich Ryhor – ex-Prosecutor General

Vashchanka Uladzimir – Emergency Situations Minister

Utsyuryn Andrei – deputy State Secretary of the Security Council

Halavanau Viktar – ex-Minister of Justice

Hryshyn Alyaksei – Olympics Champion

Husarau Anatoly – Director General of Belavia

Davydzka Hennadz – Chairman of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company

Dashchynski Dzmitr – Olympic medalist

Drazhyn Uladzimir – ex-Prime Minister

Yermakova Nadzeya (two land lots) – ex-chair of the National Bank

Yeryn Leanid – ex-chairman of the KGB

Yarmoshyna Lidziya – chairperson of the Central Elections Commission

Zhylin Ihar – ex-CEO of Belneftekhim

Zajtsau Vadzim – ex-chairman of the KGB

Zakharau Mikhail – a hockey coach

Zinkevich Uladzimir – an artist

Zinouski Uladzimir – Minister of Economy

Ivanou Valery – ex-Vice Prime Minister

Ivanchanka Mikalai – ex-deputy head of Lukashenka’s administration

Kabyakou Andrei – Prime Minister

Kadushka Mikalai – ex-deputy chairman of the National Bank

Kaziyatka Yury – CEO of “Stolichnoe televidenie”

Kalinin Anatoly – Vice Prime Minister

Kalavur Pavel – Chairman of the National Bank

Kamyankou Viktar – ex-chairman of the Superior Economic court

Kisel Ryhor – CEO of ONT TV channel

Kanaplyou Uladzimir – ex-Chairman of the chamber of representatives

Kanyuk Alyaksandr – Prosecutor General

Korbut Mikalai – ex-Chairman of the Presidential Property Management department

Kasinets Alyaksandr – head of Lukashenka’s administration

Kudravets Alena – CEO of Belarusian Potassium Company

Kulyashou Anatol – ex-Minister of the Interior Affairs

Kurachkin Henadz – ex-Minister of Architecture and Construction

Kushnir Anton – Olympics champion

Ladutska Mikalai – ex-chairman of Minsk city executive committee

Latypau Ural – ex-head of Lukashenka’s administration

Leparskaya Iryna – a artistic gymnastics coach

Luzhin Mikalai – ex-deputy chairman of the National bank

Makei Uladzimir – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Maltsau Leanid – Chairman of the Border Committee

Martynau Syarhei – ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Maskevich Syarhei – ex-Minister of Education

Matusevich Mikhail – ex-Vice Speaker of the Council of Republic

Matsyusheuski Vasily – First Vice Prime Minister

Mikhnevich Natallya – Olympics medalist

Mitskevich Valery – deputy head of Lukashenka’s administration

Myasnikovich Mikhail – Speaker of the Council of Republic

Navitsky Henadz – ex-Prime Minister

Navumau Uladzimir – ex-Minister of the Interior Affairs

Nyavyhlas Henadz – ex-head of Lukashenka’s administration

Papkou Alyaksandr – ex-Vice Prime Minister

Papou Vadzim – ex-chairman of the chamber of representatives

Patupchyk Uladzimir – Minister of Energy

Paulau Mikhail (late) – ex-chairman of Minsk city executive committee

Paulouski Alyaksandr – ex-Chairman of the Border Committee

Pouny Fyodar – a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church

Prakapovich Pyotr (two plots of land) – ex-Vice Prime Minister, chairman of the National Bank

Pralyaskouski Aleh – ex-Minister of Information

Pyatkevich Natallya – ex-deputy head of Lukashenka’s administration

Radzkou Alyaksandr – ex-Aide to Lukashenka

Rakavets Alyaksandr – a banker

Rapota Ryhor – State Secretary of the “union state”, a citizen of Russia

Rachkouski Ihar – ex-Chairman of the State Border Committee

Rumas Syarhei – ex-Vice Prime Minister

Rumo Aleh – a doctor

Rusy Mikhail – Vice Prime Minister

Rusetski Anatoly – ex-head of the National Academy of Sciences

Rybakou Valyantsin – deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, ex-Aide to Lukashenka

Selyaznyou Alyaksandr – ex-Minister of Architecture and Construction

Sidorsky Syarhei – ex-Prime Minister

Sukala Valyantsin – chairman of the Supreme Court

Sukharenka Stsyapan – ex-Chairman of the KGB

Syamashka Uladzimir – Vice Prime Minister

Syanko Uladzimir – ex-deputy chairman of the National Bank

Tsyatseryn Syarhei – a tennis trainer

Tkachou Syarhei – ex-Aide to Lukashenka

Taupyanets Eduard – ex-First deputy Minister of Energy

Tozik Anatoly – ex-Vice Prime Minister

Tapuzidis Pavel – a businessman

Fedartsou Alyaksandr – First deputy chairman of the Supreme Court

Kharkavets Andrei (late) – ex-Minister of Finance

Tsalko Uladzimir – ex-Minister of Natural Resources

Chyzh Yury – a businessman

Shaeu Valyantsin – Chairman of the Investigative Committee

Shakutsin Alyaksandr – a businessman

Shved Andrei – Chairman of the State Committee of Forensic investigation

Shautsou Viktar – a businessman

Shejman Viktar – Chairman of the Presidential Property Management department

Shpileuski Alyaksandr – ex-Chairman of the Customs Committee

Shunevich Ihar – Minister of Interior Affairs

Shchotkina Maryanna – Minister of Labour and Social protection

Yakabson Alyaksandr – ex-head of the State Control Committee

Yarmolenka Anatol – a singer


Besides, the Minister of Health Care Vasil Zharko, a deputy head of Lukashenka’s administration Mikalai Snapkou and the chairman of the chamber of representatives Uladzimir Andrejchanka have received huge apartments in Drazdy, which had not been offered for general public.