20 June 2021, Sunday, 10:19
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Lukashenka’s Economy: Work Better – Earn Less

Lukashenka’s Economy: Work Better – Earn Less

The falling of wages will continue regardless of the quality of people’s work.

The National Statistical Committee informed that in January-July the work productiveness on the average decreased by less than 1% in Belarus. But the real wages, that is, adjusted to inflation, fell by four times compared to the productiveness.

The justice is different for different regions of Belarus. The greatest deterioration of productivity was observed in Minsk region – by 6%. But the wages fell less – by incomplete 4%. The city of Minsk is in second place regarding the fall of efficiency. But the real wages almost didn’t decline there, at least according to official statistics, Belsat reports.

Productiveness is growing, wages are falling

The fact, that there is inverse trend in the regions, is confirmed by official statistics. This year the productiveness In Mahiliou region was the same as last year. And the real wages fell by 6.5%. Although they allegedly increased nominally, in ruble terms.

Wages will continue to fall

According to official statistics, the authorities take money from the better regions and redistribute them to less effective Minsk. The Chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions believes that there are political reasons for that.

“They are coaxing the most dangerous, showing the facade,” – Aliaksandr Yarashuk said.

But, in totality wages are falling greater than productiveness in Belarus. According to independent trade unions, the money earned by people sink in the bureaucratic structures, which redistribute it from more effective industries to less effective ones.

According to the chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, until the authorities hold on to this system, wages will fall further, no matter how much workers improve the quality of their work.