24 July 2019, Wednesday, 4:33
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Case Of Political Prisoner Uladzimir Kondrus Transferred to Court


Uladzimir Kondrus’ lawyer Vadzim Mushynski and his mother Halina Vasilyeuna have told that Uladzimir is still in hospital.

However, the investigation has already been completed and the criminal case materials have been forwarded to the court. Vadzim Mushynski is not authorized to comment on the details of the case as he signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, the lawyer did say a few words about how political prisoner Uladzimir Kondrus felt.

“I saw Uladzimir for the last time some three weeks ago, in late September. He was in custody, in the remand prison in Valadarski Street in Minsk. Uladzimir Kondrus was undergoing some rehabilitation and stayed in the prison hospital, but he had already gained a little weight, he could walk by himself, talked normally. Everything seemed good. As far as I know, his hunger strike hadn’t caused severe consequences… At least, he didn’t tell me anything about it,” — Vadzim Mushynski has told Nasha Niva.

Uladzimir Kondrus’ parents wanted their son to be released under a non-leave obligation. However, the lawyer says they haven’t submitted such request yet with his client.

“Probably, we will try to do it in court… I am not sure yet. Kondrus’ parents filed such request but it was declined, given the severity of the crime their son is charged with,” — Mushynski has said. — As for Kondrus himself, he was calm during our meetings, prepared for everything. I think he knows the practice of such cases and knows what it can end with.”

The investigation has already been completed and the criminal case materials have been forwarded to the court.

“I will not try to make prognoses what the court will end with. Anything might happen,”— Vadzim Mushynski has told. .

Uladzimir’s parents only saw him once; he was in a very poor condition then.

“Later, they filed many applications asking for a meeting, and I asked the investigators so that they would allow it… However, they never told us yes or no directly, saying things like, let the parents apply and we will consider it… When the parents filed applications, they answered that the investigation was over and the materials were passed to the court, and advised to address there or to the public prosecutor’s office… In a word, no one allowed a meeting,” — Mushynski has said.

Still, Uladzimir’s parents exchange letters with him.

“Yes, they did not allow us to meet with our son… We keep writing letters… Uladzimir eats normally, he is gaining weight… He wrote he had gained 10 kilos, — Uladzimir Kondrus’ mother Halina Vasilyeuna has said. — However, I don’t know for sure as we haven’t seen him. Besides, he writes he has some problems with liver after the hunger strike… Still, he writes everything is good, generally.”

Today, Uladzimir stays in the republican prison hospital in Valadarski Street, his mother informs.

“He was in hospital a week ago. We went there to pass him a parcel. He started accepting them, — Halina Vasilyeuna has told. — It is allowed to pass 30 kilos a month, so we do it from time to time. However, we haven’t seen our son. We will probably only see him at trial.”

A resident of Rudzensk Uladzimir Kondrus, born in 1977, was taken into custody on June 14 in the framework of the preliminary investigation for his alleged involvement in protests near the Government House during the "presidential elections" in 2010. He is charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code - "Mass disorders", under which 49 people were sentenced back in 2011. Many of them got different terms of imprisonment. At the time of the investigation, he is kept in remand prison № 1 in Minsk.

Uladzimir Kondrus’ parents, sister and lawyer cannot speak to the media about the details of the case as they gave a non- disclosure obligation.

Uladzimir himself refused to eat for almost two months, and then his health deteriorated: he could not even walk on this own.

Uladzimir Kondrus’ parents don’t feel at ease asking for financial help, but it is not easy for the pensioners to pay for the lawyer’s services.