20 June 2021, Sunday, 10:34
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Number Of Hrodna Residents Eager To Emigrate to U.S. Grows By 10 Times

Number Of Hrodna Residents Eager To Emigrate to U.S. Grows By 10 Times

Among the people wishing to emigrate, there are mostly entrepreneurs, freight forwarders, stylists and make-up artists.

“The decision to change everything in one day is hard to make for the people, but they realize: they need to save themselves one way or another while it remains impossible to change anything here,” – a visa support specialist explains his clients’ desire to leave Belarus for good.

The people who want to emigrate to the United States from a big Belarusian city Hrodna are mostly entrepreneurs working at “Korona” market, owners of freight forwarding companies, stylists and make-up artists. However, among them there are also people who work at top positions. The website 015.BY has learnt what pushes the people towards emigration, how an immigrant’s portrait has changed and what the price for the “American dream” is today.

Kanstantsin has been rendering the visa support services and assisted in U.S. Green Card execution for almost 8 years. However, the entrepreneur confesses, there has never been such agiotage as now.

– Last year, we did about 20-30 application for obtaining the Green Card. This year it has already been 150. I think this figure will reach 200-300 by the end of the period. The boom started back in June 2014. It was connected with the ruble downfall. First, when the dollar “jumped” from Br 9K to Br 15K, and then, when it grew from Br 15K to Br 20K, the people just lost their minds, – Kanstantsin says. – This is not surprising at all, as we all are attached to the dollar. And then it happens the following way – those who left a year or two ago, “drag” their friends and relatives there. They keep in touch with their Motherland, and they know how difficult it is here… So the wave of migrants keeps increasing…

A common portrait of an immigrant has also changed. Previously, single and ambitious people were the first to emigrate – they wanted to cross the ocean in search of earnings and impressions. Today, according to Kanstantsin, the people leave with their families, even those who work at top positions.

– Very many people who work at “Korona” market, owners of automobile-related businesses and freight-forwarding companies emigrate today. Some of them just close their businesses, some suspend the activity for a while and go abroad to accumulate some money. There are people who quit top positions. Many stylists and make-up artists have emigrated recently,” – Kanstantsin says.

The reason for emigration, the Hrodna entrepreneur confesses, is one and the same for everyone – the people leave due to the economic crisis.