25 March 2019, Monday, 3:27
A Challenge for Everyone

Belarusian National Congress’ Military Commissions Comes Up With Suggestions To Ministry of Defense


The BNC’s program for strengthening the defense capacity of Belarus consists of eight claims.

The first session of the Belarusian National Congress’ Military Commission took place in Minsk. Upon the results thereof, the BNC suggested a program for the Ministry of Defense. The program consists of eight claims, which are supposed to guarantee the growth of the combat and moral-psychological qualities of the Belarusian army.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition, former presidential candidate at the election-2010 Mikalai Statkevich has published the full text of the program on his Facebook page.

The Suggestions of the Belarusian Congress’ Military Commission for the Ministry of Defense of Belarus:

1. To make the first priority for the military men at competence assessments and appointment for superior positions their preparedness to defend the state independence of Belarus from the threats coming from all the directions with no exceptions;

2. To raise the expenses for defense to the level of no less than 2% of the GDP;

3. To raise the salaries of the professional military men to the level which would provide the income of no less than the minimum consumer budget per every family member;

4. The ideological work with the army should be primarily focused on the more than a thousand years of our country’s military history without any cuts from it to please other countries. To name military units after the places of famous victories of our ancestors and after our glorious warlords. The Military Commission is ready to provide the necessary historical materials in popular presentation, lectors for educating the officers of the ideological structures, and layouts of posters on the themes of the Belarusian military history.

5. To realize the concept of territorial troops. The Military Commission is ready to provide its suggestions in this regard.

6. To order a series of movies, dedicated to the outstanding events of our military history and the most glorious warlords. The Military Commission is ready to provide its suggestions with regards to the themes of these movies;

7. To elaborate, print out in a large-scale circulation and give to all the citizens bound to military service a reference for military education and training. This reference should include a historical part, a chapter dedicated directly to the military training and a chapter containing recommendations on how to act in case of a hostile aggression;

8. To create a web-resource containing the materials listed above. This resource should also contain educational videos, also created with the participation of Belarusians who have a timely experience of participating in real combat actions. The Military Commission is ready to organize cooperation with such Belarusians.